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Monday, June 4, 2018


"Great Expectations" isn't just a Charles Dickens novel that, unknown to many, I taught in High School English classes for half of my public school teaching career.  Great expectations is what is to look forward to from the Heirloom Art Studio.

For many years, clients and fine art students of Heirloom Art Studio have been asking that my knowledge of photographic and fine art restoration, as well as all the fine art principles I teach to art students and professional photographers, be compiled into books for sale and/or offered for online purchase and download.

The great news is that, in answer to these content requests, I and am currently in the process of producing both platforms.  A book, tentatively entitled, "Care and Identification of Family History Collections" is well underway and I am currently focusing on creating a series of online workshops, art lessons, and downloadable worksheets that will bring fine art classes directly to your computer.

Imagine how much work is involved in these separate tasks and how much time is needed to devote to these endeavors while I am continuing to supply my clients and collectors with new paintings and portraits as well as high quality photographic and fine art reproductions and restoration services.  There is even manufacturing going on as I am returning to my research and development of equipment that will form a photograph into the convex shape of historic photographs from the past.  I can order convex glass and reproduction vintage frames but, offering convex photographs to my clients, instead of flat reproductions, has been a desire since the founding of my company, in 1980.  It appears that this offering may also be available in the future.  There is so much going on at Heirloom Art Studio there aren't enough hours in a day!

Until new Blog Posts, online offerings, and new photographic products are ready to unveil to the public, I have re-posted some of the more popular behind the scenes Blogs about restoration projects completed at Heirloom Art Studio, and ask that you be patient awaiting the arrival of new, and exciting, information and content about everything from photographic collections, photographic and fine art restoration, to painting and drawing tips and tricks.  Artists have been seeking my advice to write their Biography and Artist Statement and college-bound students want help with their essay writing skills.  Who knows...I just might be able to offer my English Teacher knowledge along with everything else. 

Great new things are coming, I promise!!  Expect the unexpected!